The Uduzungwa and the Uluguru Mountains

The Uduzungwa Mountains National Park is an outstanding and exciting high rainforest wilderness, conveniently close to The Southern Circuit, to make a trek in the “World Biodiversity Hotspot” (also one of the W.W.F’s World “Ecoregions”), a fascinating addition to your Southern Circuit Safari. The altitude and high rainfall, makes the mountains of the Eastern Arc (The Uduzungwa & Uluguru Mountains) seem like islands of dense tropical vegetation in the sea of the surrounding savannah grasslands.

There are 12 species of primate in the Uduzungwa & Uluguru ranges, the Yellow Baboon is easily spotted, as are Black & White Colobus, Vevet Monkeys , Sykes Monkey, Grant’s Galago  and the Small-Eared Galago, the latter two are often referred to as Bush babies.

The Sanje Mangabeys a large ‘critically endangered “,species was first discovered in the Uduzungwa mountains in 1972 by  Katherine Homewood, who thought she was the victim of a practical joke when she heard its strange whooping cry. Her local guide identified it as the large monkey known locally as The N’Golaga. The wild population in the mountains is now thought to number anything between 2and 3 thousand.

Reptiles are common in the mountains and there are endemic species of lizards as well as the Uluguru one-horned chameleon, which your guide will be able to spot. The Uduzungwa Mountains are among the top ten areas for bird conservation in the whole of Africa. 250 species have been recorded including the endemic Uduzungwa Forest Partridge (also on the Red List of endangered species) and the Rufous Winged Sunbird, with its long curved beak.

The scenery in these two mountainous areas is spectacular. The Sanje Waterfall is like a giant staircase cascading in three steps of 170m, 30m and 70m. The mountains are a superb venue for hiking and viewing the rare animals and birds of the region.

There are several trails in the mountains ranging from half day trails to the Sanje Falls, mountain trails with overnight camping and long range wilderness trails of 4 nights/five days;, or 5 nights /six days to Luhomero Peak (2,576m). On the latter you will see elephants as well as a huge range of vegetation, birds and butterflies. These are camping trails only. Contact us to plan your hike, whether it is just a day’s add on to The Southern Circuit or a full, five or six day hike into the wilderness.