• L’équipe qui nous a accompagnés pour faire l’ascension fut super. Que de bons

    commentaires à t’écrire .Au sujet du safari, vraiment bel itinéraire. Guide super et les lodges aussi.

    Tout le monde a apprécié. Merci ! C’est mission accomplie pour l’organisation de ce périple

    English Translation

    The team who accompanied us for the climb was super. Only good comments to write to you. On the subject of the safari, it was a beautiful itinerary. Guide super & the lodges too. We all appreciated this. Thank you. It was mission accomplished for the organization of this trip.

    The climb was super
  • Dear Fares,

    I will not hesitate to recommend you as you have taken care of us very well when we were there.

    When I come again next time and make it to the Uhuru peak I will post my travelog make sure that it includes your company’s name.

    Uhuru Peak
  • I talked to Lowell & Nora to see if they had anything else to add– I think ‘we’ all three thought that the trip was wonderfully organized. The team for the climb was great. Douglas was an excellent guide, he answered any questions we had about the mountain and the hike. I know we already told you about summiting during the afternoon, but I wanted to emphasize how nice it was that the team was flexible to making that change for us. We did not want to be on the mountain, in the cold night, in the middle of a line of a bunch of other hikers (we tried hard to avoid other groups), for our summit. Instead, we got to climb in the afternoon, and we did not see another group on our hike. It was wonderful and such a nice experience to be alone at the top and on the ascent.

    The food was very good. Lowell eats a LOT, and there was even too much food for him to finish! I think that really kept our energy up through the trip. We had hot food at every meal. My favourite was the avocado (which we had several times!) and the vegetable stew/sauce we had with every dinner. I know Nora loved the soups at lunch and dinner, and I think I’ll go ahead and say Lowell liked everything. I know he was happy there was a lot of potatoes, rice or pasta at every meal.

    The team was great. It was Nora’s birthday day 4 of our ascent, and when we got to camp the team started singing as soon as they saw us. I had mentioned to Douglas a few days earlier which day her birthday was, and he must have told them. It was really nice and thoughtful, and I think she really appreciated it!

    I can’t think of anything else specifically. We had a great time and really enjoyed everything. I started work a few days ago, and am so glad that I got to go on such a fun trip before entering the corporate world!

    The team for the climb was great
  • Hello Bongo!

    Here is some feedback on our climb.

    Felix was an extraordinary guide and properly one of the best local guides in Kilimanjaro. He was really friendly and cared for us which made the summit easy. He was serious, service-minded, competent and funny. He had good knowledge in altitude sickness and his instruments and knowledge calmed us down. We talked about everything from politics to Christmas trees and played cards together. Felix made our trip worthwhile! I can recommend Felix to anyone who asks.

    Then there was the Safari. Anthony did a great job and was very supportive. Anthony went the extra mile and was really good. He cared for us and was very service-minded. I would like to recommend Anthony to anyone who asks. He spotted many special animals and all the time he tried to make the best safari possible. When you have a driver / guide like that it’s hard to complain. Anthony made our Safari the best we have ever been on.

    So this trip was the best I have ever done and so thinks my wife. We will recommend Kili-Worldborn Safari to everyone and we thank Bongo for setting us up with an extraordinary mountain guide and a friendly service-minded driver who knew exactly where to look.

    Best local guides in Kilimanjaro
  • Nous avons vécu un séjour inoubliable, qui nous a enchanté, notre guide francophone Gérald, très attachant toujours disponible et de bon conseils, a été aux petits soins pour nous et a vraiment participé à cette impression. Les paysages au Kili et pendant le safari étaient à couper le souffle. Nous avons réussi à atteindre le sommet et avons eu la chance de voir le Big Five pendant le safari, que du bonheur., des moment merveilleux à vivre. Surtout la possibilité de faire du sur mesure (dates, choix de la voie, séjour privatisé, choix des lodges et des parcs) a été un vrai plus au final.

    Tout c’est bien passé, nos craintes se sont vites dissipés, et nous sommes heureux d’avoir choisi votre agence pour ce séjour qui se révèle avoir un très bon rapport qualité/prix ! Nous allons recommander votre agence, Kili World Born et notre guide Gérald si des connaissances souhaitent entreprendre ce séjour.

    English Translation

    We experienced an unforgettable trip, which enchanted us.Our French speaking guide, Gerald, was very friendly, always available and full of good advice, and really took care of us and added to our impression of the trip. The landscapes on Kili and on safari were breathtaking. We made it to the summit and saw the Big Five on safari; only happiness and wonderful moments experienced. Above all the possibility to do it all made-to-measure (dates, choice of the route on Kili, choice of lodges, hotels and Parks) this was a real plus.

    Everything went well, our fears quickly vanished, and we were happy to have chosen your agency for this trip which was also a good choice for quality/price. We would recommend your agency, Kili-Worldborn Safaris and our guide, Gerald, if any of our acquaintances are interested in doing this trip.

    Unforgettable trip
  • We did a mixed trip with Kili Worldborn Safaris, with a Kili 7 days trek (the Machame route) + one day safari at the Ngorongoro + 3 days at Zanzibar. I got their name from Mark Whitman (who wrote “Mount Kilimanjaro – Trekkers guide to the Summit”, one great book to prepare your trek).

    Everything was perfect with Kili Worldborn Safaris, from all the trip preparation with very quick answers (from the company owner, Fares and his team), to the airport welcome, to the cook Richard with a really good food prepared and served during all our Kili trek, to the hotel choice (safaris and Zanzibar), to  all the porters (always getting the best place to have our tent installed in the afternoon, etc…), to the Guides really walking Pole-Pole and adapting their speed to our physical capabilities to give us the best chance to achieve our trek, etc…

    One of our friends was a bit sick and all the team, from the guides, to the company manager, was really taking care of him.

    I just can say “Great job guys, everything was perfect on your side !!!” and I will really strongly recommend that company to all people wanting to climb Kili + Safari.

    Machame Route and 1 day safari


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